The Women of Walnut are Going Places.
Join us!


We are a group of professional, driven women striving for excellence in all facets of our lives. We offer more than just a business network. We offer a community of like-minded individuals bolstering each other’s lives, careers and dreams. No longer are the men’s clubs of the past the prominent institutions in which to connect, learn and grow. The Walnut Club is the preeminent social and professional club for women. Independently, we are strong, together we are great.

The Walnut Club is New

✤  Ours is a new and innovative club. We understand the challenges women face in the 21st century and use power and influence collaboratively for our mutual betterment.

The Walnut Club is Unique

✤  Focusing on solely professional or social greatness isn’t enough. We are dedicated to your holistic growth

✤  Our functions and resources are numerous and varied. Whether it is for play or for profit, you can enrich yourself with us through events, programming, education and more

The Walnut Club is for You

✤  We do not advertise, so membership is through Word of Mouth and by invitation

✤  We are a diverse group of like-minded women, empowering each other through our community

✤  Let us nurture and nourish you. Our organization serves as the caretaker in your life


Who is a Woman of Walnut (a WOW Woman)?

She is smart, supportive, driven, accomplished, worldly, civic-minded, and likes to have fun! She’s a woman who seeks to broaden her horizon by either climbing the corporate ladder or building our own empire. If she is retired, she gives back by mentoring the next generation of successful women as they forge their own paths. Whatever her age, she believes that cultivating meaningful relationships is the key to success.

  •     She is a leader (or aspiring leader) in her company or in her community.
  •    She wants to contribute and share her knowledge and connections.
  •    She understands the importance of lifting other women as she advances her own career.
  •    She is ready to invest in herself and become a member of a community that supports her professionally, personally, emotionally, and culturally.