Marla L. McDermott

Founder and President of The
Walnut Club, CEO of I Heart PHL

I’m a connector, city ambassador and disruptor. The greatest asset in my life has always been the relationships I’ve had with my girlfriends. I founded The Walnut Club to bring extraordinary, career-driven women closer together and to fully support them professionally, culturally and emotionally.

“Behind every great woman is a group of great women.” -Alice Niles

Board of Directors

Marla Katz

Vice President, Communications

Kathleen Kelly

Vice President, Events and Programming

Domenica Leitner

Vice President, Finance

Jill Marple McCabe

Vice President, Membership, and Partnerships/Sponsorships

Olivia Capone Myers

Vice President, Marketing and Social Media

Tiffany Spraggins-Payne

Vice President, Leadership Programs

Brenda Nguyen

Board Administrator